What's your home worth?

Backed by 50 years of Miami market and exceptional training, I will deliver the highest level of professionalism, personalized attention, and cutting-edge marketing programs that produce results. From contract to close, your property will be uniquely cared for and expertly marketed. This is my promise to you.

5 Keys to Successful Selling

1. Strategic Pricing

Knowing the true value of a property extends well beyond a simple bricks-and-mortar appraisal. Our approach is to evaluate properties based on a comprehensive market examination that considers variables, including:

— Location

— Sales history

— Current buying trends

— Overall market conditions

— Other competitive properties available for sale

— Unique selling points that make your property special and interesting to buyers.

We gather and review all of this research to arrive at a selling price that is targeted to reach the most attractive buyers and generate the best-possible end result.


2. Property Prepping & Staging

From decluttering the interiors to polishing up curb appeal — your property needs to be ready to wow its potential new owner.


3. Powerful Marketing

Sell_ TOPpowerfulmarketing

4. Personalized Sales

Doing common things in an uncommon way, that’s what makes our approach uniquely Cervera. We believe in applying a personal human touch in all aspects of the sales process, and we’re with you every step of the way.


The Art of the Open House

Soon after your home is listed, we will hold various brokers’ opens and open house events, each with the utmost attention to detail, including:

— Catered lunches

— Cocktail hours Sunday brunches

— Virtual Open Houses

Activity Reports

Constant communication to keep you informed is paramount.

— We monitor results closely so that marketing can shift to respond to changing market patterns

— Provide monthly updates on prospective buyers, brokers marketing efforts and overall  market activity.


Our guarantee is to deliver a strong market presence for your property and ensure an exceptional financial return upon the completion of your sale.

5. Effective Negotiation & Closing Process


For me, it’s not just about getting the deal done — it’s about doing what is right for you. I'll work with you and the buyer to secure best price and terms. Along the way, I'll ensure all deliverables are in place to promote a seamless and successful closing in a timely manner.

I offer a wide array of assistance to my customers through an established network of related industry professionals, including: Attorneys, Appraisers, Interior Designers, Movers, Academic Consultants, Immigration, VISA Experts & more.

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